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          Homework is a very important part of a child’s education. 
Completing homework assignments allows students to use the skills that were taught in school.  Homework is a crucial part of the student’s grades and counts as a test grade. 

          At the beginning of each week, your child will receive a syllabus listing all of the week’s assignments.  Students in the sixth grade can expect an hour of homework per night (Monday – Thursday). Homework is given on a daily basis and is to be completed the night it is assigned.  If a student does not complete her/his homework on time, a zero is given and the homework is expected to be made up the following night for half credit.  If there is an extreme circumstance regarding a child unable to complete her/his homework, please call or notify us with a note.  The child will then be excused that day, but must make up the assignment the following night. 

          Homework boards are posted in each classroom and are updated daily. Each child’s name, assignment, and subject are posted.  When a student completes the assignment on time a stamp is given.  If a stamp is missing then the child knows that she/he has missed an assignment and needs to make it up.  Homework is the child’s responsibility and homework boards are our way of putting responsibility back on the student.  The boards need to be checked frequently for any missed assignments.  

          Students can become members of the 100% Club each month by completing all of their assignments on time.  They are allowed two late assignments per month.  Perks of membership include a "No Homework Coupon" in spelling/SSR and raffle tickets for our monthly raffle.
          On the first day of school each child was given a homework folder.  This folder must come back to school each day and will be checked for completed homework assignments.
          An updated copy of the syllabus can be found on Mrs. Gorton’s website