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Reading Tips 4-6



  • Take turns reading a book with your child.
  • Ask your child to compare a book to another familiar book.  How are the characters alike or different?  Do the stories take place in similar settings?  How are the illustrations the same or different?
  • Ask what part of the story or book your child liked best and why.
  • Ask if your child liked the ending of the story.  If not, have him/her make up a new one.
  • Ask your child what type of mood the story or chapter in a book creates.  Ask how the author creates the mood.  For example, does he/she use certain words, events or settings that create a particular feeling?
  • If your child has read more than one book by the same author, ask how the books are similar and/or different.
  • Provide your child with a reliable home dictionary and encyclopedias.  Encourage children to look up subjects that puzzle or interest them.
  • If your child is not enthusiastic about reading, choose books on subjects sure to interest him/her:  books on sports, riddles or magic tricks, or on hobbies.  Be sure they are not too difficult for your child to read.
  • If your child is a television fan, see which programs he/she prefers and provide suitable books on the same subjects. 
  • Set a good example as a every day at home even if it is a magazine or newspaper.
  • Make reading fun...a time that you both look forward to spending together.


Ideas taken from the National Education Association website.